Corrugated Bitumen Roofing Sheets & Accessories

Corrugated bitumen sheets are sturdy, economic building materials and suitable for roof angles of 7 - 85 degrees. These sheets are perfect for many domestic applications, e.g. As roofing for for garden sheds or holiday chalets, as a windbreaker or screen or even panelling for carports. Sheets can be cut with a handsaw, secured with Bituwell nails and can easily be handled by one person. Making them ideal for DIY enthusiasts.

 Bitumen Installation Guide


• Size 2000mm x 950mm
• Number of Corrugations 10
• Sheet Thickness approx 3mm
• Weight approx 5.4kg
• Watertight
• Freeze Proof
• Base Material: special cardboard blank consisting of 100% recycled material, a sandwich construction similar to fibreboard.
• Non poisonous, asbestos free, organic fibrous material.
• The sheets are completely impregnated with non harmful, trade-marked bitumen, with a colour impregnation that firmly adheres to the base material, thus ensuring a long standing colour stability.
• The corrugated Bitumen sheets are classified as building material class B2 (normally inflammable) as per DIN4102.
• The colour will uniformly grow lighter in the first weeks after laying. This is a normal process that rapidly stabilises.

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